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Jan 23, 2018

Short Photo Journey, Charikot to Kalinchok to Singati

In my term photo journey, I called it a journey with camera also I named it as Photowalk. Some time I also liked to go in photo walk. Most of the time I was in solo sometime my friend join in journey. This is also a Photo journey which is happened in Charikot to Kuri to Ghyangdanda to Kalinchok Village then to Singati Back again to Charikot. This Journey was started in 2074 Poush 26(10 jan, 2018) and ended in 2074 Poush 29(13 Jan, 2018). Heres the short story of that journey. I am publishing only 9 photographs of that journey. enjoy the photographs, click on image to enlarge the size.

Kids playing in road

In the time of schooling, some kids can't go to school. I saw these kids are playing in the middle of Road. I think this is clickable and I shoot.

Village lifestyle, Nepal Portrait #3

Continuing my Nepal Portrait category this is third time of publishing portrait. Sometime its very interesting to capture portrait of village lifestyle.
Click on Image to enlarge the size.

Jan 22, 2018

Mountain Peak

I would like to say the tallest and the beautiful part of the mountain is known as peak. The mountain is mountainable with peak. Here I also trying to capture the peak of some mountain. First 4 click of Gauriparbat which is located in southern part of China, respectively 14 peaks are of Mt. Gaurishankar which is 7134 m absl, which is located in Dolakha distrit of Nepal. left are unknown peak to me if you know the name write in comment below.

Jan 8, 2018

Indoor and outdoor portrait

Portrait similar to face. To capture face along with body and place is known as portrait photography. Portrait photography is that photography which is easy and difficult. when people get camera either smart phone the first shoot will be the portrait or landscape. In that case this is easy, holding camera taking faces but technically it is very much difficult to understand to do professional shoot. This is the most valuable and earn-able photography subject, where many photographer depend on this. We need to give attention to various subject like camera, tripod, light etc. Before some months I also tried to capture portrait in Kathmandu with natural light. I want to give this as my first model shoot where there were beautiful sisters and single brother. This photographs is specially on natural light and indoor flashlight of camera. some of my photographs which I taken is going to presenting here. Have a look click on image to enlarge the size, comments are appreciated .

Dec 28, 2017

The smileys of street of valley part-4

These photographs are taken in time of Tihar and Newar New year occasion 2074(2017) in Lalitpur.
click on photographs to enlarge the size.